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Life Insurance

Term and Whole Life Insurance, member-only discount!

TruStage® Life Insurance

Designed for credit union members like you, TruStage® Life Insurance helps you prepare for uncertainty by protecting the people you hold closest. TruStage will work with you to select a policy that's right for your budget, with ongoing support and no hassle.

Term Life Insurance

  • Can provide affordable, high-coverage protection for a specific period of time (or term).
  • Pays a benefit if you die during the term.
  • Could have benefits and premiums that change over time, depending on the specific policy.
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TruStage insurance agency. Life insurance can be easy and affordable.

Whole Life Insurance

  • Offers coverage you can never outlive.
  • Has rates that remain the same throughout your lifetime.
  • Can provide a future source of money prior to your death, building cash value over time.
  • Allows for loans (which incur interest) against the value, with unpaid amounts decreasing the death benefit.
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